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Services Offered! :

6-12-month commitment: Invest in your pup's future as you would prioritizing your child's education. Collaborate with a professional trainer during the crucial first year of your dog's life. With this elite course, you gain access to our experts, available on-call, guiding you in nurturing your puppy through its formative phase. This comprehensive program offers 52 weeks of unparalleled education.

For a mere $495 per month, you’ll be treated to a veritable smorgasbord of services designed to support you through the program.

1. As-required in-home coaching: When you’re feeling stumped, we’ll send in the cavalry! Our trusty trainer will swoop in to provide extra in-home coaching, tackling those pesky behavior issues head-on.

2. Custom weekly Zoom sessions: Think of it as a virtual coffee klatch, where we’ll chat about your dogs’ progress and concoct a tailor-made plan for the week’s training escapades – all from the comfort of your couch!

3. Online group class: It’s like speed-dating for dog owners! Connect with fellow pet parents who are navigating the same behavioral Bermuda Triangle, and swap stories, advice, and the occasional snicker. Phone-a-Friend with Tony Nila: That’s right, folks, you can give me a jingle any time you’ve got a question or concern about your dogs’ antics. I’ll be here, armed with personalized guidance and support – and maybe a few chuckles along the way!

4. Private Facebook support group: Welcome to the digital dog park! Here, you can mingle with other program participants, share your triumphs and tribulations, and soak up oodles of encouragement from your newfound canine comrades.

5. Carnivore Nutrition and Wellness Coach: Ever wondered if kibble could be haute cuisine? Our canine nutritionist will enlighten you on the art of feeding your furry friends for optimal health and happiness – bon appétit!

Our program is the golden ticket to months of  support and guidance, customized to your dogs’ unique needs. At $495 per month, it’s a veritable steal –
Just click below and we’ll set up an initial consultation. Thank you for considering this, and we eagerly await the chance to join you on this uproarious journey towards impeccable dog behavior!

For bookings or further inquiries, Contact Us.

Proudly catering to dog owners World Wide!

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