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"Exclusive" one on one We only accept a maximum of 20 cases a year, this insures you and your dog receive an amazing learning experience and the individual attention you both deserve.

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Diagnosing The Issue:


Dear Dog Owners,

I come to you today with an insight that may resonate with many of you. In our journey as canine guardians, it's a common experience to cherish our dogs for all their wonderful qualities, yet often we find ourselves struggling with one or more behavioral challenges. It's like having a beautiful story with just one challenging chapter that we wish we could rewrite.

Imagine a scenario in our daily lives where a routine process fails 80% of the time. Such a high failure rate would naturally lead us to question and change that process. This is precisely the situation we face in the world of canine training. It's a reality that led me to deeply question and rethink the methods we use to guide our beloved pets.

One aspect that I find particularly concerning is the widespread use of punitive measures in dog training, often disguised as discipline. This approach, which includes food and tool conditioning, doesn't align with the nurturing relationship we aspire to have with our dogs. These methods often stem from a misunderstanding or a shortfall in the training process itself.

What if we could shift our perspective and adopt a training paradigm that eliminates the possibility of failure? This approach would make punitive measures unnecessary, as it's grounded in understanding, respect, and a deep connection with our canine companions. It's not just about teaching them commands, but about building a relationship where learning comes naturally, without the need for harsh measures.

My goal is to introduce you to a world where your relationship with your dog is built on mutual trust and understanding, a world where behavioral challenges are met with empathy and insight, not punishment. Together, we can embark on a journey that redefines the way we connect and communicate with our dogs, fostering a bond that is as rewarding as it is enduring.

The Hidden Truths:


"Have you ever wondered why so many of us struggle to truly connect with our beloved dogs, despite our best efforts? At the heart of this dilemma, we believe, lies a fundamental misunderstanding in the way we approach dog training.

We have taken a step back to deeply question the traditional methods - methods that often lead to an alarming 80% failure rate. We've realized that most training ideologies are missing a crucial element: a deep, empathetic connection with our canine companions.

Our journey led us to an enlightening discovery. Training shouldn't be about dominance, control, or even just about positive reinforcement. It's about understanding and respecting the unique spirit and intelligence of each dog. We believe that every dog, even service dogs with their specialized needs, deserves to be nurtured and understood on a deeper level.

This is where our ethos comes to life. We don't just train dogs; we cultivate a bond of mutual respect and understanding between you and your furry family member. Our Cognitive Approach to dog education helps you see the world through their eyes, appreciate their innate beauty, and nurture a relationship based on mutual respect and love.

Embarking on this journey with us means preparing yourself mentally to embrace a new philosophy. It's about shedding old notions and opening your heart to a profound, transformative understanding of the bond you share with your dog.

We invite you to join us in this revolution of the heart and mind. Together, let's unlock the full potential of your relationship with your beloved canine companion."

The Founders:

Our program was established by Canine Behaviorist Tony Nila & Carnivore Nutrition and Wellness coach Alexa Rodriguez, with invaluable support from several mentors and Applied Animal Behaviorist's.





















Alexa Rodriguez:

 is a breed preservationist and animal wellness coach including expertise in animal nutrition, along with an extensive background in animal behavior and psychology over the last decade. Alexa is an exclusive raw feeder for her breeding program and has been raw feeding since 2016. Alexa has worked in rescue for 15 years with a focus on equine behavior. She is very experienced in raising a variety of species including dogs, wolf dogs, horses, including some wildlife as a volunteer rehabilitator. She is also an accomplished horse trainer specializing in behavior as well as a silver medalist dressage rider and trainer over the last 20 years. Her husband is a Canine Behaviorist over the last 20 years, they both have worked together on extensive behavioral cases including fear, aggression and certain medical conditions utilizing her skills in (natural and conventional) medicine, behavior and animal communication. Her passion is within the relationship development between animals and their humans.​













Tony Nila:

 is a renowned Canine Behaviorist with a unique approach to dog training that emphasizes the cognitive abilities of dogs. By understanding and addressing the root causes of a dog's behavior, Tony guides them towards more desirable actions. His approach is non-coercive, allowing dogs to make choices and learn from them. This method fosters a deeper understanding and internalization of desired behaviors, leading to a harmonious relationship between the dog and its owner.

His expertise is not limited to wolfdogs; he has worked with a wide range of breeds, and has assisted countless dog owners in understanding and managing their pets' behaviors.

In addition to his training programs, Tony is an advocate for responsible pet ownership and often collaborates with breeders and other professionals in the industry to promote best practices. His dedication to the well-being of dogs and their owners has earned him a reputation as a trusted expert in the field.

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